Interior Design Trends 2020


Interior Design Trends for 2020 You Would Want to Copy

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your new home or remodel an old one? If yes, then you might want to steal some interior design ideas that are trending in 2020.


From arched entryways to embracing earth tones in color scheme and using floral wallpapers instead of painting your walls, there are many cool designs you can incorporate.


Let's have a look at them!


1. Arched entryways and windows

An architectural detail that's gaining popularity is the arch. You will find beautiful arched doorways and windows everywhere in hotels, showrooms, apartment remodels, and homes. Plus, you can imitate the trend with an arched wall mirror in case you don't want a structural change at home.

From arched entryways to embracing earth tones in color scheme and using floral wallpapers instead of painting your walls, there are many cool designs

2. Earth tones

When it comes to color, designers recommend earth tones. The colors and textures that mimic the color of wood, metals, and nature's foliage are often found in furniture and home accessories. Colors like rich forest greens, clay, and taupe are also used to create a natural look and a peaceful vibe, great for meditation and relaxing.

3. Statement ceilings

Designers say 2020 is going to be about statement ceilings. Try painting your ceiling in a color that contrasts your walls. If you have a smaller room, it is better to paint your ceiling the same color.

4. Curvy sofas

This design was popular in the mid-century and it has made a major comeback. You can opt for curved sofas and high-back armchairs in elegant rich pallets like velvets. It will add a glamorous vibe instantly and will make a statement even when you have a simple room.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability is, without any doubt, the future of architecture. Now more than ever people are conscious about the environment and want to create an eco-friendly and sustainable home.


Furniture made from natural materials that have been sourced sustainably and have a low environmental footprint like timber and bamboo is on demand. Also, on-trend is locally made furniture and products made from recycled materials.

6. Modern wood paneling

Wood paneling if done in a skinny, slatted style can create a modern look and add freshness and neatness to your home. You can also apply the wood panels at interesting angles. And remember, no space is off-limits. You can use it in bathrooms and kitchens to add unexpected warmth that's often missing.

7. Multifunctional spaces

With remote working and learning becoming the new normal, multifunctional spaces is becoming one of the most practical interior design trends in 2020. Home designers are creating multifunctional rooms by doubling up space and functionality in the kitchens and dining room areas.


Plus, kitchens that have islands are also used as a workspace apart from dining. It creates a space to cook, dine, socialize, and work simultaneously.

8. Black everything

There is a trend going on. Designers are painting everything black from cabinets to sinks, and countertops. Painting your walls black, adding black finishes, and furniture can make your room look luxurious and on-trend. If you feel that black will make your room appear smaller than it actually is, you can add splashes of white or other contrasting colors.

9. Floral wallpapersFloral wallpapers have been in trend for a very long time now. But in 2020, the floral interior design trends have changed. The pink flowery wallpapers have been replaced with floral patterns of various sizes and color patterns.


Moreover, Vibrant and contrasting colors are widely used and they make your walls pop. All in all, Floral wallpapers in 2020 are chic and sophisticated.

10. Antique art

If you are an avid lover of antique art, now is the time to display your collection. Yes, antique art is making a comeback. People love them as they have a story to tell and look old & sophisticated.

11. Canopy beds

Canopy beds in 2020 are more sophisticated. They are made with acrylic, metal, and sleek furnished frames. You can ditch the old canopies draped in heavy fabrics and heavy headboards.

12. Grandmillennial style

Another style that is in is the Grandmillenial. We are talking about traditional design with a twist. You can try mixing elements of classic design like topiaries, scallops, natural fiber rugs, and more, with a modern edge.

13. Dark painted doors

If you want to add warmth and character to your room, paint your doors dark. If paired with nice hardware, your door can add an artistic element for space.

Wrapping Up

So which interior design trends of 2020 are you going to try out? Just like any other fashion interior design trends keep changing. It is good to keep yourself updated with the latest trends so as to create your dream home that can be the talk of the town.


The inspiring interior design trends mentioned above are some of the hot trends. You can incorporate them while remodeling or designing your new home. Or even better, you can take the help of a designer if you aren't confident about designing your own space. 


And if you're planning to sell your house once you are done with the interiors, then make sure to learn about all the essential tips to sell your home fast beforehand.


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