Three Valuable Home Makeovers in Lincoln, NE

Everyone can benefit from the value of simple home makeovers in Lincoln, NE. Making just a few updates to your home can not only provide a sense of revitalization, but potentially add value to it. Deciding what to tackle in your home can be daunting, but narrowing it down to the most used and sought after spaces can help. Additionally, home makeovers don't have to be overwhelming - you can take on as much or as little as you're comfortable with.

Small Spaces

Do you have a small or awkward space in your home? Home makeovers in Lincoln, NE, can transform underutilized spaces into functional and value-adding areas. Make the most out of mudrooms by adding built-in storage cubbies for boots, coats, and outdoor gear. If you have awkward spaces in your attic that you're just using for storage, consider investing in a home makeover to provide additional living space. You can add bunk beds or tuck a twin bed into a sloped ceiling area and create an inviting guest space, while adding value to your home.

Kitchen Update

An updated kitchen is one of the most sought after features in any home. Not only can an updated kitchen give your home a facelift, it can also save money. Updating old appliances with more energy efficient models can reduce monthly bills in addition to adding a new, sleek look to your kitchen. Home makeovers that tackle a kitchen renovation can quickly increase in budget, but there is a high probability you'll recoup your investment with added home value. One way to keep your budget in check is to revamp existing cabinets instead of completely replacing them. Something as simple as a coat of paint can drastically change the look and feel of your space. Light tones can make cramped spaces seem larger. And, remember to use any space you have efficiently for added storage. 

Dining Do-Over

Home makeovers in Lincoln, NE, can get very involved, very quickly. However, one area you can update without living in a construction zone for weeks is your dining area. Has your dining set seen better days? Pick out some new pieces that match your style and center your makeover around them. You can change your entire dining room in one weekend with a coat of paint, new dining set, and changeable decor like table runners and rugs. Don't forget to update lighting with new fixtures. Lighting can make or break a room. Consider the ambiance you're going for and find a piece that will provide the right amount and color of light.

Any update you put into your home can provide return value over the course of time. Home makeovers in Lincoln, NE, don't have to cost a fortune to add value. The most important part of any updating project is to start with a clear plan and budget. Undertaking updates can be overwhelming but having a vision and sticking to it will make any project go more smoothly.