Three Unique Bedroom Themes in Lincoln

Who says a bedroom must be boring? Finding ways to highlight your personality by using unique bedroom themes in Lincoln can be as easy as a trip to your local shopping center. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it should reflect your interests and lifestyle. Are you in love with bygone eras? Do your proclivities tend toward the dramatic? Anything is possible when it comes to decorating and making your space your own! Here are some interesting themes for your next bedroom redo.

Victorian Vibes

Harken back to a more ornate time by choosing a Victorian bedroom theme in Lincoln. Choose classic prints like damask and florals for wallpaper, rugs, and bed dressings. If you have the money to spend, invest in quality furnishings. Nothing screams Victorian era like an ornate, four-post bed made from solid wood. Dressers and nightstands should match the wood, stain, and decoration of the bed, as well. If you have the space, find a gorgeous upholstered chair in a fabric that matches the rest of your bedroom accoutrements to finish off the look.

Bold and Bright

Your friends consider you to be the life of the party. Incorporate that style into your bedroom theme in Lincoln. Choose a palette of bright and bold colors that are complimentary and cohesive. Once you’ve selected your color palette, head to the nearest home improvement store to find the perfect paint. You don’t have to paint every wall in the room. When working with bright colors, it’s easy to go overboard. You want to highlight your spunky personality, but keep it mature. If you’re going bright on all your walls, keep your duvet and curtains simple with patterned white. If you’re only going bold with one wall, feel free to play around with other accessories throughout the room. Considering searching local garage sales for side table set that you can refinish into a bright and beautiful set for your bedroom.

Traveler’s Taste

If you have more full passports than you can count, why not let your home base reflect your worldly ways? Incorporating travel elements into your bedroom theme in Lincoln is easy. There’s no doubt you’ve been collecting mementos from your adventures. Take the small items that you can’t seem to find a space for and use them in shadow box displays to decorate the walls of your traveler’s retreat. If you and your honey are a traveling team, mark your journey with a customized map. Keep the color of your walls simple but get worldly with curtains and linens.

Looking to Sell

Unique bedroom themes can be fun, but what if you’re trying to sell your home? Realtors suggest keeping things simple for future buyers. No buyer wants to come into a bedroom with shag carpeting and gold foil wallpaper despite your burning desire to relive the ‘70s. Not to worry, you’re free to be individual and can still sell your home quickly. Companies that offer home staging in Lincoln can turn your unique spaces into buyer-friendly rooms. With a more neutral vibe, potential buyers can see their own identities in the new space. Buyers love being able to see their unique pieces and sense of style in any home their looking to purchase. Home staging in Lincoln does just that – provides a more blank slate so creativity can flow!

Whether you’re a world traveler, bold and beautiful friend, or living outside your era – there is a bedroom theme in Lincoln to fit your taste. The fun part is narrowing down your preferences and executing a wonderful design!