Ideas for Kitchen Islands - Home Staging in Lincoln

Ideas for Kitchen Islands in Lincoln

Are you in the process of updating your home? Kitchen islands in Lincoln can increase the value of your house and the efficiency of your kitchen! Adding an island to your updated kitchen not only provides extra prep and gathering space, it gives your space an overall feeling of class and complexity. But, when it comes to kitchen islands, the possibilities are endless. Where do you begin? First, you’ll want to decide if you’re going to DIY your kitchen island, or have it installed by a professional contractor. Here are some great options for either path!

DIY and Movable

Don’t have the budget or the bother to turn over kitchen islands in Lincoln to a contractor? Not to worry. There are several DIY and non-permanent options on the market.

Creating a beautifully unique and budget friendly kitchen island can be as easy as repurposing an old piece of furniture. Find a sturdy and tall table, add another shelf to the bottom and some spindles on the sides. Voile! Brand new kitchen island. Or, you can try this unique take by using two old dressers with a large top piece to create a folksy but functional piece for your kitchen.

Not into DIY? No problem. Major retailers offer kitchen islands in Lincoln that are easy to assemble and easy to move. Many options have wheels included on the bottom for easy transport. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the wheels are lockable so the island doesn’t fly out from under you while you’re in the midst of furious dinner prep.

Home updating in Lincoln can get costly, these ideas are easy on the budget and quicker than hiring someone else to complete the project.

Installed Islands

If you have the money to sink into home updating in Lincoln, you might want to consider paying someone to build a custom kitchen island for you. A kitchen island should serve three purposes: additional prep area, additional storage space, and additional gathering space. By working with a contractor, you have more say over the colors, materials, and unique ways you can incorporate these main elements into your custom kitchen island.

Keep in mind “island” doesn’t actually have to be independent from all the walls in your kitchen. If you have limited space but still want a functional island and bar area, you can elect to install a peninsula that has seating for several but also serves as a prep space for the main kitchen area. Top it off with bold bar stools to complete the look.

Kitchen islands in Lincoln are on trend and getting more popular. In addition to rising in popularity, the size of kitchen islands is increasing. They’re becoming a focal point in homes where people gather during every day interactions and large gatherings or celebrations. When considering home updating in Lincoln, you want to keep the addition of a kitchen island in mind. Not only will it increase the value of your home, it might even increase the opportunity to spend even more time with those you love. And that is priceless.