Best Bedroom Window Treatments

Looking for a new treatment option for your bedroom windows? If you've just moved into a new space or are looking to make your home brand new for potential buyers, updating window treatments can be key. When you're home staging in Lincoln, you want to make small improvements that potential buyers will notice and appreciate. Something as simple as adding modern window treatments can have a big impact. Here are some of the best bedroom window treatments for your home.


Mix it up in your bedroom with two levels of drapery - one sheer and one opaque. Take a book from the pages of hotel design and give yourself instant window treatment options. During the day, either draw back both layers or keep the sheer layer closed to let light in. At night, close both layers for ultimate privacy. It might sound simple, but especially when home staging in Lincoln potential buyers love to see versatility and possibilities.


One way to wow potential buyers, or just make your bedroom feel a little more royal, is to add luxurious fabrics and accessories as window treatments. Drapes made of silk can give your bedroom a romantic and luxurious feel while adding tassels, beads, or buttons will create a sense of royalty. Use heavy drapes in rich colors with metallic finishes for a stately ambience.  


Using shades in the bedroom is an excellent idea when it comes to window treatments. They offer an added layer of privacy but don't have to be boring. Window shades come in a variety of styles and materials to fit any space. Whether you're home staging in Lincoln or just updating your bedroom, investing in window shades can provide a large return either in comfort or in a selling price. When it comes to bedrooms, going with something like pleated, roman, or wooden shades can offer softer options for this space.

Floor to Ceiling

Going for a dramatic floor to ceiling window treatment in the bedroom can make a space look larger than life. When trying to impress potential buyers with home staging in Lincoln, making a bedroom feel larger by using dramatic window treatments can really pay off. There are rooms where this type of window treatment won't work - if the space is particularly small a floor to ceiling treatment will become overwhelming.


Plantation shutters are a beautiful option for bedroom window treatments. Not only do they provide another layer of privacy, but they add a whimsical and rustic feel to any bedroom. This might be an option that's above and beyond when it comes to home staging in Lincoln, but if you're investing in a renovation - custom shutters could be a great option to give your space an entirely new look.

There are a few rooms that updates can be ultimately fruitful - whether through garnering an increased selling price by home staging in Lincoln or just by increasing overall value. Updating the master bedroom just by installing new window treatments is an easy and lucrative fix.