Bathroom Tile Updates for Home Staging in Lincoln

Bathroom Tile Updates for Home Staging in Lincoln

There are lots of things on home buyers lists: good schools, greenspace, garages, curb appeal, etc. But one of the most-sought after luxuries is an up-to-date bathroom. If you’re putting your home on the market and preparing for home staging in Lincoln, you don’t want to spend a ton of cash updating your bathroom. But you do want to make sure potential buyers are interested in your home. A simple way to give any bathroom a new and modern feel is through changing tile. Here are some great bathroom tile styling ideas for your home, whether it’s on the market or not.

Mediterranean Flair

Step into a whole new world just by using some creative bathroom tile styling. Many times, sellers are advised against trying unique ideas when they’re home staging in Lincoln. However, by adding some subtle worldliness to your bathroom, your home could stand out from others on the market. You don’t have to go over the top when incorporating a worldly vibe into your bathroom. Select some subtle tiles that are reminiscent of Mediterranean shapes or choose a few bold tiles to dot throughout the rest of your simple tile pattern.


A unique way to make your bathroom stand out to potential buyers is by using a type of tile they may have never seen before but will still love. A recent trend in tile has been 3D – tile with a visual and tactile effect. A great way to keep your space simple yet interesting is to use a 3D tile in a muted color like white, off-white, or light gray. This will keep the element from overwhelming potential buyers during home staging in Lincoln, yet provide just enough flair to keep them interested in your renovated space and home.

Black and/or White

Simple white is a traditional staple in bathroom tiles. Getting creative with shape, pattern, and placement is where you can flourish when it comes to traditional white tile. A new and edgy trend in bathroom remodeling is to use all black tile. This can create a very modern and sleek look but should only be tried in larger bathroom spaces with lots of natural light. Harken to a simpler time by using both black and white in your bathroom revamp. Alternating black and white tile evokes images of old Hollywood and gives any bathroom an elegant flair. In addition, there are several tiles featuring bold black and white patterns that you could use to spice up your space.

Shape and Material

What’s the first thing people notice about a bathroom? Probably not the floor, unless some really interesting tile has been thrown down! Focusing on the floor in smaller bathrooms is an excellent way to incorporate a unique or bold vibe into any space. In small spaces, you can also add a high-end aspect to your bathroom through marble or natural stone. If you’re reworking a smaller space, you’ll save money due to square footage but also improve home staging in Lincoln with your high-end selection. Potential buyers will be impressed and appreciate the value it adds to the overall home. If you don’t have a small space or the budget to entertain this type of tile, seek out a unique shape for a reasonable cost. Using unusual shapes on the bathroom floor is a way to incorporate personality without overwhelming potential buyers.

Whether you’re focused on home staging in Lincoln, or just looking for an update, switching out bathroom tile is a great way for a refreshing change. While you’re at it, don’t forget to throw in a new rug or towel set that compliments your new tile for an extra touch.