Affordable Home Office Chairs to Complete Home Staging in Lincoln

Putting your home on the market can be an overwhelming and costly process. The last thing you want to do is drop lots of money on stuff for home staging in Lincoln when you're about to move. But, making sure your home is presentable to potential buyers is key in the selling process. Not only will your home be swept off the market quicker, you could even benefit financially in the end.
If your home is one of the many to offer an office space, you definitely want to highlight it! More and more people are working from home, or brining their office jobs home with them. Showcase your space with an updated and productive office environment. You don't have to drop a ton of cash on fixing up your office space. Something as simple as a new chair can make a workspace feel completely different. So, here are some thrifty options for updating your home office chair.

Salvage and DIY

Chairs are some of the easiest things to find at thrift stores, vintage shops, garage sales, and flea markets. As long as the chair has "good bones," you can fix it up and use it in home staging in Lincoln. If you're not as crafty as you'd like, look for chairs that are mostly wood. Anyone can sand and stain or paint with a few supplies and some elbow grease. If you're a seasoned DIYer, don't shy away from chairs that feature upholstery. Re-upholstering a chair isn't the easiest but also doesn't have to be hard. Chairs that have removable upholstered seats are perfect for refinishing. Just pop out the seat, tear off the old materials, stuff, wrap, and staple. Voile - a perfectly good home office chair to feature in home staging in Lincoln.

Discount Options

If you don't have the time or talent to bother with DIYing, there are thrifty new home office chair options as well. Sites like Wayfair and offer a variety of affordable home office equipment and accent chairs. Don't forget, just because it's not in the "home office" section doesn't mean it can't be used as a workspace chair when you're home staging in Lincoln! Here are some of our favorite options right now:


These options are fashionable and affordable. You'll usually find them under the accent chair heading, but they can serve a dual purpose as office chairs, too!
Basil Side Chair - Wayfair, in three color options.
Feldman Upholstered Slipper Chair - Wayfair, options for upholstery type and color.
Simple Living Tufted White Faux Leather Guest Chair - Overstock, color options available.


More than your typical office chair, these functional yet sophisticated options are perfect for home staging in Lincoln.
Ripple Mid-Back Office Chair - Overstock, in several color options.
High-Back Mesh Executive Chair - Wayfair, available in black or red.
Ginseville Desk Chair - Overstock, various color options.
The options are nearly limitless when it comes to finding the perfect home office chair to complete your home staging in Lincoln.

Whether you opt to DIY a treasure that you can take with you or select a cheap option you may leave behind, your potential buyers will appreciate your efforts. Happy hunting!