5 Tips for Home Staging in Lincoln

The offer on your dream home has been accepted and there’s so much to do. You’re contacting painters, movers, landscapers… But what about selling the old place? Home staging in Lincoln is one of the most effective ways to get your property off the market and off your hands. By doing just a little bit of work or hiring a company like Showhomes to professionally stage your place, you’ll reap the benefits with a quicker and more lucrative sell.

Making sure your former house feels like a home when potential buyers walk through the door is crucial to the selling process. Home staging in Lincoln can be beneficial not only for buyers to picture themselves in a future home, but it gives you an advantage that other sellers may be ignoring. Having a well-maintained property that is clean but feels lived in will make potential buyers more confident in their decision and allow them to successfully picture themselves and all of their belongings in each room.

Here are some tips for home staging in Lincoln.

1.       Neutral Works. People hate having to think about re-painting or re-carpeting an entire house. You might love bold colors, but if you’re trying to sell a home, neutral is best. When completing your home staging in Lincoln, work with neutral colors from bottom to top. Switch out dark curtains for lighter ones. Paint the walls a crisp off-white. You can add subtle pops of color, but keep the big things neutral. This allows people to imagine their own tastes throughout.

2.       Open Up. Showcase your closets! This might seem counterintuitive, but if you have great closet space, keep the doors open for potential buyers to see. Closet space is one of the most sought after features, so don’t feel like you have to keep everything closed. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Just be sure to clean and organize first!

3.       Facelift the Front. Invest in curb appeal when home staging in Lincoln. Slap a new coat of paint on the front door. Trim the hedges. If the weather allows, plant some new flowers out front. Do what you can to make your home in Lincoln seem inviting and presentable from the moment someone pulls in the driveway.

4.       Play Up the Dream. People love to imagine themselves entertaining all of their friends in a home. Play up the social aspects of your home. Have a great backyard? Make sure it’s fit for a party when any potential buyer comes through. Update any worn out outdoor furniture. Light a fire pit. Add subtle outdoor décor. Make them see themselves on a chilly fall evening around the fire with friends.

5.       Freshen Up After Fido. Pet odors can be one of the most off-putting things when potential buyers visit a home for sale. Many pet owners become accustomed to the smell of their beloved pets and don’t even realize the possible home hazard. If you have a furry friend, ask someone who doesn’t live in or frequently visit your home to come and offer a smell evaluation. If needed, freshen up the house and get rid of any pet odors before potential buyers arrive.

But, what if you’ve already started the moving process and most of your stuff is gone? A company like Showhomes can make your former house feel like a home with ease. By providing the best in home staging in Lincoln, Showhomes allows you to enjoy your new dream home without worrying about how to properly show and sell your old one.

Whether you’re taking on the task of home staging in Lincoln yourself, or handing the job over to a company like Showhomes, you’re making the right decision. A perfectly staged home can bring the right buyer and the right seller together every time.