Prime KC HOMES LLC Gene Oharah

The look of the houses staged.
The peace of mind of nonvacant.
Basically the win win,win.
We get a house beautifully staged with a manager living in the home so we don have to worry about an empty house. The managers pay the utilities, keep the yards up and the snow removed and leave the property in the condition it was when they moved in. If there is a problem, Showhomes will fix, no questions ask. The place is ready to be shown at anytime.
With out small fee not paid until the home closes is basically no out of pocket money and if the house doesn’t sell in 3 or 4 months, we have basically gotten it staged for free if you count the trips checking and worrying about an empty property, paying utilities, yard up keep and snow removal.
When there is a showing, the managers light them up as we wish and have them clean and show ready. That’s the win for us.
The second win is for the managers. They basically live in the property for 1/2 price rent in a top knot have property. It’s not for everybody but like for divorced women that want to maintain a certain status but the funding just isn’t there any longer, with a little effort they can do so.
The third win is Showhomes. They do have expenses in staging and supplementing furniture but basically they are getting 1/2 price rent and an agreed percentage of the sale price when it closes, with no investment in property.
It is the only business that is generally a win for everyone involved. In this case, the property owners, the managers and Showhomes.
I would recommend them to anyone and I do!
If Kent can keep Rick and I content, it’s a pretty good deal. We use Showhomes on most houses. When we don’t is when we sell them before getting them done.
Great Job Kent.