Kristan Cloud-Malin

The Listin’ With Kristan Team Showhomes experience:

It’s a tough time for sellers in today’s market. It’s an even tougher time for seller’s of unoccupied homes. With all the competition/inventory out there it’s a fact that in order to sell a home for as much as the market will bear, it MUST shine like a new penny. A key ingredient to accomplishing this goal is having that empty home staged. All of the vacant homes that I staged with Showhomes are now sold! Even more impressive is their time on market after Showhomes moved into the home — an average of 83 days.

Home #1- move in date was July 9, 2009 under contract on November 13, 2009. Just 127 days! DOM 417
Home #2- move in date was May 5, 2010 under contract on July 8, 2010. Only 59 days! DOM 246
Home #3- move in date was July 8, 2010 under contract on September 8, 2010. Only 62 days! DOM 204

These statistics speak for themselves. However, in addition to helping us get the job done, the staff at Showhomes Jacksonville are incredibly easy to work with and very professional. They always went above and beyond for the seller and for my team during the entire transaction. I would highly recommend them if you are interested in getting your home/listing sold faster!

Kristan Cloud-Malin, PA Keller Williams Atlantic Partners