How Sellers can Save with Home Manager Staging

A slow market can be a tough time for sellers. 

The longer your home sits on the market, the more carrying costs become a burden - and these costs can add up fast. That's where our trusted and insured Home Manager Staging comes in handy.

What is a Home Manager?

A Home Manager is a professional live-in caretaker who maintains & cleans your staged home while Realtors continue showings. Showhomes selects, checks, and trains each Home Manager in accordance with the system we've developed over three decades of experience..

The Home Manager also pays the monthly renewal fee as well as utilities - that's real savings for the savvy seller.

Sellers love the program because they get:

• Full Vacant Staging at a reduced cost
• A home that stays staged until it sells - no renewal fees after initial setup
• Utilities & minormaintenance items paid by the Home Manager
• Peace-of-mind in knowing the home is clean and secure if a problem arises
• Vacant Home Insurance provided by Showhomes
• Damage and liabilitycoverage carried by the Home Manager and Showhomes
• Homes staged with live-in Home Managers typically out-perform vacant homes by large margins.

Realtors also benefit:

• NO SURPRISES - the Home Manager keeps the Realtor informed of any issues and performs a detailed show-ready checklist before every showing
• The Home Manager is required to vacate for every showing and open house

It's a win/win relationship.