Being a Home Manager: Luxury living at half the cost

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What is a Home Manager?

A Showhomes Home Manager is a person, couple, or family who live in and maintain a beautifully furnished show home, which is currently for sale. 

As a Home Manager, you benefit from flexible, short-term living in a furnished luxury home at a lower monthly cost. In doing so, you help Showhomes Houston help the seller.  

If you naturally make your bed every morning, why not be rewarded for it. 

Our Home Manager program allows a responsible, live-in caretaker to reside in a show home, maintain it, and keep it "show ready" while it's for sale.  When the home receives an offer, we'll assign the Home Manager to another available home if needed.

The perks speak for themselves.

In exchange for keeping the home clean and letting Realtors show the home, Home Managers get to live in show homes at roughly half the market rate.  Where these homes would typically rent at $5-8k/mo, being a Home Manager allows one to pay ~$2500 or less.  It's a win/win for the right candidate.  

Check out this short video. (FF to 1:00)

6 signs you're a good Home Manager candidate:

1. You're Relocating... and are tidy and communicative
2. You're Seeking Temporary Housing... and are naturally neat and detail-oriented
3. You're Building a New Home... and maintaining a nice, temporary home sounds awesome
4. You're Going Through A Divorce... and need order & cleanliness 
5. You're Looking To Check Out An Area Before Purchasing... and want to do so in style
6. You're a Transitioning Professional Looking for Flexibility... such as NO lease requirements

If this sounds like you: 

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