Sold in 3 Days

“ I received an over asking contract 3 days on the market…. Thanks to Showhomes beautiful staging…” Congratulations, Keith Brown of Compass!

Sold in 13 days!

Want to get sold quickly? You know who to call. We’re the best for a reason!

Sold in 10 days!

We love to see it! Get staged, get sold fast like this contemporary townhome in Northwest Houston.

$2M traditional sold in 3 days

Carrying costs and DOM aside- The RELIEF of selling a luxury home in a matter of days is priceless. This $2M stunner was swept up in no time thanks to the power of pro staging.

From olden to golden

Traditional homes really benefit from staging. Furniture brings the home to LIFE and buyers feel it. This million dollar listing sold in a very short 5 days!

Staging makes all the difference

This million-dollar traditional had been on the market vacant for 2 months with no offers. Buyers were focusing on things they wouldn’t have noticed if it were staged. After staging, it received an offer on the very first day!

Staging saves the day

This million dollar beauty sat on the market for almost a year unstaged. After staging: 27 days. Don’t let carrying costs weigh you down. Invest in staging to get sold faster and for more.