Realtor Corner: When Rebels get in the way of selling

An agent I know compared his role to that of a therapist. Understandably so. Selling can be an emotional roller coaster.  As an agent, you understand the importance of managing human behavior because your goal is the same as your client’s- to sell.  Knowing how your client is motivated can help you, help them.

Are you familiar with the Four Tendencies?

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If you haven’t read Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies,  at least watch this short video. Rubin has done extensive research on motivation, how we deal with expectations, and strategies to manage each of the 4 types.

In fact, go ahead and take her quiz to find out what you are.

The seller journey of some clients can feel like a carefully conductedorchestra, while others can feel like a never-ending train wreck. In Shelley’s CE class Staging to Sell, we hear this often:

 “I’ve asked my seller to do x, y, or z-  but

   he refuses, even though it will 

  benefit him in the end!”  

If this sounds familiar, you might be dealing with the most rigid of the tendencies: a Rebel.

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Rebels want to do what they want, how they want, when they want  regardless of internal or external motivations – and you can’t tell them what to do or else be met with resistance. 

Sounds grim. But there’s hope.

When dealing with a RebelRubin suggests this strategy

  1. Information: Explain the relevant facts surrounding x
  2. Consequences: This is what’ll happen if you do/don’t do x
  3. Choice: How would you like to ensure the best consequence?

Here’s an example: 

The seller won’t get the jungle she calls a “yard” landscaped  because of cost concerns. She says, “The lawn is mowed. It’s fine.”

What might a counter appeal look like?

  “Curb appeal is critical to a quick sale because it’s the buyer’s first impression. Since the ROI is about 150%,
    it also pays for itself.  If you neglect curb appeal, you risk sitting on the market much longer, which
    could cost x over time. Landscaping only costs y. 

    If immediate cost is the main concern, I can provide online resources for doing the landscaping 
    yourself. Or, if you can’t do it yourself, I can schedule an affordable landscaper for you. 
    Remember: it’s an investment, not a cost.

Quick and dirty tips:

Have any Rebel stories?

Happy selling!

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