Rachel Thompson: Sold in 22 Days

Rachel Thompson

Making waves at Waverly St:  Rachel goes to great lengths to make sure her clients are 100% ready for market.  She shares how she got a Heights townhome (which had previously sat on the market for 144 days unstaged)  – SOLD in just 3 weeks.

DOM: 22

Sale price: Over list!

Neighborhood: Heights

Style of Home: Townhome 

Type of Stage: Vacant

Listing Price: $380k

“If we are going back on the market at the exact same price (even $1,000 more) we need to mix things up!”

What challenges did you face prior to listing?

This property was already listed by another agent for 144 days. I really needed to come in strong for my clients to create a different buyer experience. My clients were willing to do everything I had asked of them. Which also included getting the Stucco tested BEFORE we went on the market.

How did you decide on the list price?

Since the house was previously listed, we had already shown the seller’s cards (if you will). I personally am not a fan of a list price of $379,000 so I went ahead and made it an even $380,000- It was priced to sell, no doubt about it. And I needed to make sure my clients got every penny they could. 


Was it difficult convincing your seller to stage the home?

They were open to it. They realized that if we are going back on the market at the exact same price (even $1,000 more) we need to mix things up! Staging achieved that.

Besides staging, what other updates did you perform to make the home more marketable?

Mostly it was getting the Stucco tested. Buyers are very nervous about Stucco. So I wanted to make sure we already had a report and did repairs, if necessary, before we went on the market.

The home had sat for many months unstaged with the previous agent. Why do you think it sold so quickly with you?

It was priced perfectly. It needed some sprucing up so we deep cleaned, did some touch up paint, brighter light bulbs to give it life.
But STAGING! It looked like a completely different home which is what we needed after being on market before. That and a HUGE amount of marketing got it sold over asking price in 22 days with 3 offers.

What do you look for in a staging company?

I was very impressed with y’all. You set the standard for me and I won’t be looking anywhere else. The marketing you do, the style, and so much is incredible. Not to mention I was super impressed with the communication and how thorough you were with my clients! I Really appreciate everything!

You mentioned marketing- what was your strategy for promoting the home?

My strategy was getting as many agents in as possible. I held a mimosa and voodoo donut broker open. Invited all my agents to come in and tour the home to provide feedback. Held open houses every single weekend. Mailed out notecards to the surrounding neighbors. Boosted on Facebook. Lots of social media posts including some virtual tours! Lots of reverse prospecting.
In the end, the buyer came in with their agent for a showing. I went to the home and turned on all the lights so it would be nice and ready and the home did the rest! They fell in love and purchased the home.

What advice would you give sellers to best manage their expectations?

Find an agent that really cares Who is invested in your home just as much as you are. And find an agent who takes the time to give you feedback. There is so much that sellers need to do to get ready for market. Listen to your agent and trust their advice!

My average days on the market (DOM) is less than two weeks. This is because my clients listen to my advice and do everything that I ask because they know I want to get the home sold for them quickly and for as much as possible.

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