Rachel Thompson: Sold in 12 Days

Rachel Thompson

Realtors like Rachel understand the power of effective home marketing. She took a Midtown home which had previously sat on the market for 125 days, and sold it in only 12. Here she explains how.

DOM: 12

Sale/List: 100%

Neighborhood: Midtown

Style of Home: Townhome 

Type of Stage: Vacant

Listing Price: $350k

“Now more than ever, it is crucial to make a great first impression.”

Paint is money in a can: Shelley suggested SW Chantilly Lace for this home

What challenges did you face with this home? 

I wasn’t getting the activity that I was hoping for. But all it takes is one person so it is crucial, now more than ever, to make that great first impression. There are not a lot of “lookers” out who do pull the trigger, so it was important to reel in any serious buyers that came through. 

Shelley recommended Chantilly Lace (SW) for this home.

How were you able to sell this home so quickly, when it had sat for months with no offers before? 

I think the home sat previously because it was not being marketed. There is so much that goes into why a home will sell outside of price. Here we went back on the market at the exact same price and sold it in 12 days! 

A big part of that was my photos showed the home better than the previous ones. I had asked the seller to do a few things around the home, like paint, refinish doors, pull weeds, etc. And of course, STAGING! 

The home was turn-key ready. There was not one thing that needed to be done! 

How did you acquire the buyer? 

They had a showing set up with their agent. I was accompanying showings for this home so I met them there and was able to answer any questions that they had.

What advice do you give your sellers to manage their expectations in uncertain times? 

Be prepared to not have all the activity that we would like. The open houses while good, are slowing down due to the level red for COVID-19.  So just make sure all lights are on, home smells great, and make it perfect because it only takes one person!

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