Jay Rodriguez: Sold in 3 Days

Jay Rodriguez

Jay believes knowledge is everything. He informs his clients on the market as part of his service because for Jay, better service leads to better relationships and better sales.  The realtor in boots shares his experience selling a traditional suburban home in only 3 days.

DOM: 3

Sale/List: 100%

Neighborhood: Copperfield

Style of Home: Traditional

Type of Stage: Vacant

Listing Price: $224,900

It sold quickly because it was priced right, it was staged correctly, and we had awesome photos.

What challenges did you face prior to listing? 

The homes are older in this area and the layout of this home was difficult for buyers to imagine. I also saw that overpriced homes in the area were still sitting– plus the comps I did that sold quickly were staged.  

How did you decide on the list price?

We were listing at the end of the year, which meant our buyer pool would be smaller- so we definitely wanted to price it competitively.  I ran specific comps of similar properties (sq footage, similar features, year build) and I was able to arrive at a competitive price.

Did you target a specific buyer demographic when promoting?  

We knew the buyer was going to be a small family- the home had 4 bedrooms and the school district was desirable. We wanted to highlight the familial attributes of the home, which was achieved in staging.  In the end, it was a family who wound up buying it.

Besides staging, what other updates did you perform to make the home more marketable?

We definitely renovated: master bath updates, carpet was updated to laminate wood, fresh paint indoors and outdoors, new AC, new kitchen appliances.

How did you promote the home?  

I urged my seller to stage it before listing, to make sure it arrived on the market looking its best.   A buyer’s agent approached us as soon as it hit the market and it was off to the races from there. 

We had multiple offers and didn’t even get to our first open house because it sold too fast!

Why do you think your property sold so quickly?

It was priced right, it was staged correctly, and we had awesome photos. 

What advice would you give sellers in this market? 
Price the home right the first time.  Be realistic in your expectations about what the home is worth.  We can’t put a price on emotion- buyers can’t see the blood, sweat & tears you experienced in the home.
Consider The BIG 5 this will affect your asking price: 
1.  foundation
2.  electrical
3.  plumbing
4.  AC 
5.  roof
Interview multiple agents– don’t just go with the first one!  You’re going to be working with this person for the duration of the sale and you want the experience to be positive.  Cheaper is not always better:  You get what you pay for.
What do you look for in a staging company? 

I want reliability and current trends.  If that comes at a higher price, then the peace of mind is worth a few hundred bucks.  Your staging shouldn’t look like a garage sale.   

Do you have advice for sellers on a budget? 

1. Assess how much you need to walk away with from the sale
2. Assess what big issues need to be dealt with (the Big 5, see above)
3. Based on those two assessments, a good agent will help you decide on what should be replaced or updated for maximum ROI
Did you consider virtual staging?
Under 200k I’d consider virtual staging, but I absolutely go with professional staging for anything over that.

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