Homes Staged with Showhomes Sell Faster and For More

Home Staging and the Buyer’s Journey

Getting sold quickly and for top dollar is all about appealing to the buyer. Think of the buyer’s journey as a trek that starts with photos online, extending all the way to the finish line.
  • Price: This is the gate that determines your pool of potential buyers. That’s why it’s so important to team up with an experienced agent who knows your area/comps.  Read about price...
  • Photos: Once your listing’s price has landed you in the right sea of potential buyers, your photos have to rock. This is the bait that gets them through your door.  Read about the importance of photos...
  • Staging: Once in the home, buyers can see the furniture, sit down, and get a feel for the home. Buyers spend around 30min longer in staged homes.  That’s more time to fall in love, and buyers bid on what they love.  Read why virtual staging falls short...
  • The next step is buying



Homes staged with us sell faster… 

Let’s take a look at our 2020 stats. How quickly did each price range accept an offer?



  •  Luxury ($1M+) listings: 74% faster with Showhomes.
  •  Listings $500k-$999k 47% faster with Showhomes.
  •  Listings under $500k:  79% faster with Showhomes.

 Overall, homes staged by Showhomes accepted an offer 67% faster.


Homes staged with us sell for more too… 
 Overall, listings sold for 3.5% more with Showhomes.  Luxury listings staged by Showhomes saw the highest returns at 8% more.
  • That’s an $80,000 ROI for a $1M home.




How we got our numbers:  We tracked the DOM and sale price of the listings who staged with us, and the listings of those who passed on our proposal. Got questions? Give us a call- we’re happy to discuss further!  Pro Tip: when choosing a stager, be sure to ask for their numbers. 


If you’ve been reading our blog, you know that the winning combination for a successful sale is a sweet price to entice and killer presentation to seal the deal.  Just as an experienced agent knows how to entice with a solid pricing strategy, our professional staging ensures your presentation is picture-perfect.  From photos to finish line: presentation matters.


Whether it’s reduced DOM or a higher sale price, staging with Showhomes is an investment in that pays off.


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