How soon can I get staged?

At Showhomes, we strive to stage all homes within a week of signing the services agreement. Your stagers will need to see the home and prepare a proposal, which may take several days, and once you sign the services agreement they need to create the design, pull the furniture, and arrange the logistics (moving and… Continue reading How soon can I get staged?

How much does staging cost?

If you are living in the home and want to have a professional stager prepare it for buyer appeal, you should budget at least $1000. If you want the stager to bring in supplemental furnishings to accentuate your furnishings, budget $2500+. For professional custom staging for 3-4 rooms using the stager’s furnishings with a 60… Continue reading How much does staging cost?

Does my home need to be staged?

This question is best answered by looking at the competition from current, comparable listings in your neighborhood. If comparable homes are staged, then you need to consider staging whether your home is vacant or seller-occupied. If your home has very specific décor or architecture, or if you have large open concept spaces, you should also… Continue reading Does my home need to be staged?

Is staging worth the expense?

You should evaluate staging for the ROI (Return on Investment) you’ll receive in the same way you evaluate the benefit of updating your kitchen or replacing carpets before listing the home. Staging is an investment in market preparation that you should recover with a quick offer. A quick offer will save you the carrying cost… Continue reading Is staging worth the expense?

What is home staging?

When a home is “staged”, it’s furnished and decorated in a way that’s carefully designed to maximize the home’s appeal to prospective buyers.