Don’t Get Ghosted: A Seller’s Nightmare

Gather round, this is a truly haunting story. It happened in a time not too long ago…
A dear friend built this beautiful luxury property and listed it for over $3M, but it was vacant and buyers weren’t responding. 
Almost 2 years later it was still on the market, but now the list price was $2.8M.

over 2 years on market

That’s when our friend called us. We staged the home and they had an offer 5 weeks later.
But the cost of NOT staging was over $200,000 in lost sales revenue, plus the carrying costs for over 2 years. Truly horrifying.

sold in 5 weeks

It might feel like you’re saving money when you forego staging, but those hidden costs will get you in the end. 
Remember kiddos: Staging a home is a marketing investment that sellers recover with a QUICK sale.

Is your listing getting ghosted?
Forget ghostbusters- 
call Showhomes Houston!