Blake Hillegeist: Sold in 5 Days

Blake Hillegeist

When price, promotion, and presentation come together

Blake skillfully pieces together the home selling puzzle in getting a Southampton home multiple offers and a full price sale, in only 5 days.

Getting a home under contract is just the first piece of the puzzle.

DOM: 5  

Sale/List: 100%  

Neighborhood: Southampton Place

Style of Home: English

Type of Stage: Vacant

Listing Price: $799,900

What challenges did you expect prior to listing?

Prior to listing 2228 Robinhood Street, I knew that today’s real estate market is challenging.  A property must be priced correctly and in good shape in order for a property to sell.  

How did you decide on the initial list price?

$799,900 is entry level for a cute, livable home in the Southampton neighborhood. Having a 7 as the first number in the sales price of the home made the list price attractive to potential buyers.

Did you target a specific buyer demographic when promoting?  

The buyer demographic for the 2228 Robinhood Street property was the high dollar entry level buyer or the successful empty-nester buyer. Southampton is a desirable place to live.  The size of the home (2051sqft) drove the buyer demographic.

*The buyer was a young family.

How did you promote the home?  

Great professional pictures, signage, and open houses are the best way to promote a home.  Knowing the home inside and out also helps promote the property when replying to phone calls, texts and emails.

*The buyer was procured at an open house.

Besides staging, what other updates made the home more marketable?

Interior and exterior painting, Cleaning up the homes landscaping. Removing all features in the home that reminded buyers that the home was old, tired and dated.  Charming, cute, adorable, fresh, and livable are all accurate descriptions of 2228 Robinhood Street after the make-ready was completed!  Staging the home was the  final touch that the home needed for a successful sale.

Did your Seller need convincing to pay for updates and staging?

This seller was a seasoned real estate buyer/seller so this seller needed no convincing on the make-ready or staging that was recommended.

Why do you think this property sold so quickly?

Careful planning of the home’s updates, including interior painting, electrical updates, lighting updateslandscaping and a very deep cleaning made 2228 Robinhood Street adorable, charming and popular for the Southampton neighborhood buyer.  Making needed repairs on items that could cause a problem during inspections is also always considered and highly recommended.  The location also played a major part in the home selling quickly with multiple offers and a full price contract.   

Getting a home under contract is just the first piece of the puzzle. Keeping the buyer in the contract for the ultimate goal of purchasing a new home (and the seller selling the property) is behind every decision.  I want every sale to be a win-win situation!  


How did you get to be so cool and what advice would you give in this market?

25+ years of hands-on real estate business has taught me to treat all parties fairly with ethics, morals, and values; this makes-or-breaks the real estate professional. Plus, I love what I do!   Surround yourself with a team who also take pride in their work.  It has taken me years to put together a team of professionals who I can count on to help me reach the ultimate goal of a successful sale.


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