Staging Works

Good morning, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity to have you stage the house. I loved what you, Robert and staff did with the house – it was incredible! I do believe that staging has a lot to do with the sale of the house so quickly! Arleen took some great pictures to post on MLS and actually we had an offer before the 1:00 open house the next day! We were ecstatic!.

Our investing group knows about you too. James, who takes interested prospects through on Real Deal Tours each week had noticed when they were bringing in the furniture and called me to say how spectacular it looked, what a difference it makes — no echo!

We have another deal we are speculating on and plan to close end of this month in Carmichael. Not sure though if we plan to hold it as an investment or not at this point, but have others in the works to possibly have you stage in the future, so letting you know we definitely will be using your staging services again in the future! Appreciate your great work to all who were involved.

Thank you!

Capital Home Services Inc.
Frank & Joy