Donna Muelver, SE WI: Testimonial from Michelle Sifford! WoW! Great service is very far reaching! expand »

Donna –
Thought I would pass on something that happened in a sales meeting last week.
An agent at Long and Foster met our marketing manager a while back and after learning about Showhomes she contacted her sister in Milwaukee and told her about what Showhomes can do. She said her sister owned a house priced around $1M and hired you all. She said her sister was thrilled with you did for them and they couldn’t be happier with the results (I wasn’t clear about if the home has sold or not). So she got up at the sales meeting and told everyone about how great Showhomes is and highly recommended our services to their clients with vacant properties.
Thank you for doing such an amazing job that an agent across the country would feel compelled to tell everyone about her super happy sister and the great people in Milwaukee that made their lives so much better!!

I would put this on Yammer but after having my computer fixed I’ve lost the connection… feel free to post it J

Michelle Sifford
Showhomes Richmond