Paint is Everything!

A report by Zillow
looked at 135,000 photos from old houses across the country to see how
paint colors impact sales. They found that homes with charcoal, smoky,
or jet black doors sell for $6,271 more than expected. Considering that a
door paint job can cost approximately $100 to $400, a bucket of black paint is a stellar investment.
Paint does make a difference… I used to say paint is a inexpensive way to upgrade your home for the market. Not so anymore, the costs have gone up. As all things do. But the results are huge…. home purchases are very emotionally charged. Even the most controlled, even tempered people become emotionally unbalanced at times when it comes to home purchasing. The goal is to have a fresh, clean, well maintained home. Paint is the place to start. Choose a neutral light color that ties into the existing finishes that may not be changed. Stay with 2 or 3 colors at the most. Stay away from “accent walls”. The goal is to have a neutral  color pallet through out the house. As few room color changes as money will allow. Don’t forget to set the “mood” with color!