Top Three Rooms to Stage Before Listing a Home for Sale

If you are having a hard time deciding which rooms are more important, here are the top rooms to stage before selling a home.


If you’re getting ready to sell your house, then you may not yet know that staging can make all the difference in the sale of your home. A well-staged home can help buyers see the full potential of your property— attracting stronger and higher offers, which lead you to a quicker sale. But with so many rooms to choose from, which spaces would make the biggest impact? Here are the Top Three Rooms to Stage before selling your home or listing a house for sale:

  1. Living Room: When a buyer walks into a listing they are most likely walking into the living room. Not only does this space set the mood and atmosphere of every home, but it is the seller’s one chance to make a lasting first impression. Within 7-10 seconds of a showing, buyers know if the home is right for them. Decluttering and removing unnecessary furniture opens the space. Upscale furniture pieces enhance the layout and flow. Any living room can go from lived-in or vacant, to an impressionable and inviting entry space. Adding pops of color or textures in throw pillows, rugs and accessories sets the tone and personality for the rest of the house– which the buyer will be eager to see.
  2. Kitchen: Often called the “Heart of the Home,” the kitchen is a place to cook, entertain and create memories. According to the National Association of Realtors, 80% of buyers say the kitchen is the top priority when buying a home. From early breakfasts to midnight snacks, the everyday use of a kitchen makes it a busy space. The kitchen of an occupied home may look cluttered, messy and even a little unclean. In a vacant home the kitchen may seem stale, lifeless and empty. Staging your kitchen brings style and simplicity to the space so that its best features are highlighted, leaving room for the buyers to imagine their own memories to be made.
  3. Primary Bedroom: Primary bedrooms are highly personal— that’s why they are key to igniting an emotional connection between a buyer and your home. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the primary bedroom is the third most important room for buyers. A separate survey done by Joybird found that 68% of buyers are more likely to buy a home if the primary bedroom is staged. Staging the main bedroom can help highlight the room’s features and layout, such as built-in closets or a private sitting area, which can make the space more attractive to buyers. Walking into a bedroom that is calm, clean and relaxing allows buyers to effortlessly visualize themselves waking, resting and unwinding in the unfamiliar space.


At the end of every walkthrough buyers should feel relieved, excited and emotional– accompanied by a strong desire to make an offer on your property. The living room, where laughter and relaxation live, should be thoughtfully furnished to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The kitchen, where memories are made, should be a clean and inviting space that showcases its full potential. Don’t not forget the primary bedroom, one’s personal sanctuary, where serenity and comfort take center stage.By staging these three key areas, your home can tell a story that stands out from the rest. Remember, a show-ready home has the power to bring forth stronger and higher offers, and leave buyers with the feeling that this could be the place they can truly call home.

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Written by: Melany Gonzalez