Our Step-By-Step Home Staging Process

Are you looking to learn more about home staging and how it all begins? Here is a closer look at our Showhomes Home Staging process.


Home staging is the art of furnishing homes that are for sale. If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of home staging, you may be wondering what a project entails and what the entire process is like from start to finish. Whether you’re a realtor looking to maximize the sale of your listings, or a homeowner preparing your house for sale, a home transformation of any degree is the first step to a superior and sophisticated listing.

At Showhomes we take pride in delivering unique designs and detailed service to our customers until their home has sold. Below is our step-by-step process that will begin your seamless home-selling journey.

The first step of staging is taking a home tour. Upon agreement, a lead designer will meet the client at the property in order to gather detailed information about the home. During this meeting, we take measurements and intuitively harness what the home needs in order to look its best. We take into account the home’s current flow and functionality and find inspiring ways to elevate the interior in order to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Our main design goal is to maintain the essence of the home and highlight its most charming features.

Staging Plan
At Showhomes planning takes much longer than the on-site staging. In order to execute an impactful staging design, we must combine the needs of the home with available inventory to achieve the overall vision. Our designers work diligently behind the scenes to curate a staging plan that perfectly fits the needs of your property. We handpick every piece and accessory that goes into the home, ensuring that we deliver a detailed and thoughtful home transformation.

Staging day
The planning pays off! On average, it only takes us five hours to transform the average house into a show-ready home. Staging day starts early- wrapping, packing, loading.. and after a quick coffee break we’re headed to our project. Upon arrival, we unravel rugs, define the spaces and begin to place the hand-picked pieces where they belong. Once the space has come together we finally bring the entire design to life. Artwork and accessories fill the home with personality and interest. When the last bed is made, our designers are done for the day. Realtor and homeowner…it’s time to reveal your Showhome!

Move Out Day
Our main goal when staging is to help our clients attract their ideal offer. In today’s Real Estate market, just because we receive an offer doesn’t mean a home goes under contract. Some Realtors choose their move-out day before closing, and some will wait till closing to ensure that they are not left with an empty property if this offer does not go through. Together we will pick a move-out day that works best for the needs of you and your clients.

Sold Home
Once we’ve made it to the last step, congratulations! Your “Showhome” is a sold home. Our purpose and priority at Showhomes Coral Gables is to reduce the amount of time your home stays on the market in order to maximize its sale price. If you’re intrigued to stage your upcoming listing, call us and let’s start planning our next staging project together!


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Written by: Melany Gonzalez