A Typical Staging Day

In this blog we are sharing with you our typical staging day schedule.


Home Staging transforms vacant and occupied properties into marketable, inviting homes that has a powerful appeal to buyers. Realtors, Homeowners, Developers and Contractors can all benefit from staging their home before listing it on the market. From start to finish, the staging process can take a few days. Some Realtors begin to inquire about Home Staging before the house is even ready to be staged. To learn more about the home staging process, click here to read through all the phases of a Showhomes Home Staging project.


Though it takes lots of prior planning to get to a staging day, when the day arrives, it is a swift transformation in just a few hours. This is what a typical move-in staging day is like at Showhomes Coral Gables.


8 am: Prepare & Pack
A speedy staging day starts by assuring that all furniture for the project is tagged so our movers can quickly locate each piece. Accessories are carefully packed, bedding is boxed in, and artwork is carefully selected in order to bring our design together.


9 am: Move Out
The moving team arrives at the warehouse and all hands are on deck. Here is a successful staging day tip: happy movers = seamless staging. Sometimes, just a quick brew of coffee will lighten and brighten the day.


11:30 am: Transformation Time
As soon as we arrive, our staging team gets straight to work! In vacant homes, unloading starts upon arrival. In an owner-occupied home, our team begins to declutter and reorganize any items that affect the aesthetics of the home. Our Showhomes pieces are then carefully set in their place according to your curated staging plan.


2:00 pm: Time to Accessorize
The moving team is on their way out, and so the fun begins! It’s time for beds to be made and art to be hung. Our design team sprinkles personality throughout the home with hand-picked accessories– bringing to life any shelves, consoles, or coffee tables. They ensure each piece of furniture looks crisp, clean, and show-ready.


4:30 pm: Hello New Listing
As the final touches come together, while towels are folded and light bulbs switch on, our Showhomes home transformation comes to an end and your new listing comes to life. Your home is now ready to stand out on the market and attract the widest range of qualified buyers– getting you one step closer to a top-dollar sale.


The Showhomes Coral Gables team stages the average house in just one day! Some projects may take more than one day to reach the desired staging design. If you want to inquire about an upcoming staging project, feel free to reach Marisa Salas at (305) 582-4403.


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