Why Stage in a HOT Seller’s Market

Why Stage in a HOT Seller’s Market?


It is true: this market is hot, hot, hot. With fewer
listings and low interest rates, it seems to be a rather lucrative seller’s
market. Chances are that if a home is priced right, in a good location, and in
reasonably good condition, it will likely sell within the average time on the market.
If you are selling your home, the most important consideration right now is
timing. And, if have been thinking that now is the time to move, it may very
well be in your favor to do so. However, the flip side is that buying a new home
may cost you more. With the current pandemic reality, you may be less inclined
to make a move during an uncertain time. If you do decide to list your home,
you and your Realtor® may be wondering whether staging should be included in
the selling strategy.


Professional staging associations, the National Real Estate
Association (NAR), as well as other Real Estate entities provide important
statistics demonstrating how staging will have a positive influence on a sale,
either from a faster sale, a higher offer, or both. But how does this correlate
to the current market? Will staging make a big difference during this market
given the circumstances of its favorability toward sellers already?


It is always crucial to put your best foot forward when
listing a home. That means seeking the advice and expertise of a staging professional
who knows and understands your market. Relying on your own beliefs about
staging as a homeowner can have a negative influence and ultimately take away
from the listing’s potential. As Barb Swartz, the Creator of Home Staging says,
“The way you live in your home and the way you market it are two different
things.” Professional, certified stagers are trained in providing the styling
and arrangement necessary to attract buyers, maximizing your home’s strengths
and minimizing its flaws. Their objective analysis can add tremendous value in
the eyes of buyers, ultimately helping you receive higher offers, often at
asking price or above.


In addition, you will likely be competing in the same price
point as a number of other sellers. By investing in staging, your home is
likely to stand out among the crowd with exceptional visual impact and a
compelling reason to arrange a showing. More so than ever before, buyers are
shopping more intensely online, limiting showings to just a few at the very top
of the list, and making offers after the first showing. The old saying rings
true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Choosing to
follow a professional stager’s advice or to have a vacant home staged may
increase the opportunity for a quicker sale. Investors who stage know this –
time on market matters. Faster sales lead to the next opportunity.


Finally, you may want to think about the psychological
impact of your home being on the market for an extended period of time during
the current pandemic crisis. While the argument of a higher sale and at a
faster price may not convince you, risking a market presentation without
professional staging will likely increase the stress you and your family may
have in an already uncertain time. The investment in a professional staging
will also be an investment in peace of mind and confidence in the likelihood
successful sale.


If you are considering selling, make sure that professional
staging is a part of the strategy that you and your real estate agent have in
leveraging this seller’s market to your best advantage.

Lorelie Brown, M.A., CPRES, CID is the Owner of Showhomes Charleston in Charleston, SC.

A RESA-PRO member, an HSRA-Elite Member, and a member of IAHSP. She is passionate about the power of home staging and has staged over $290 million in real estate.