Blog to Swog


As an entrepreneurial business owner, I have been listening to the marketing gods encouragement to blog.  "Blog," they say. "Write great content, and you will be considered an expert, and therefore you will be successful," they shout.  A+B=C. Well, over the years, I've written a few.  (Don't laugh but you could count them on one hand.)  I think my hesitation to blog regularly stemmed from several problems.  The first being my own lack of confidence.  I struggle here.  In the extreme.  (Goodness, now I'm getting really honest with myself and with you.)  After all, what do I have to say that someone else may want to read about, or for that matter, actually glean from my words? How might MY wisdom and understanding help someone else?  After all, I'm not the most successful mom, wife, mother, and small business owner out there. I believe this hesitancy of blogging was also rooted in my nature to help people.  I thought, if I blog, I truly want to be an encouragement and offer something more than just my opinion or a cursory dribble (or rant) about a random topic of which no one REALLY cares. (And, I don't want to blog about how great my business is including links to my website and sales funnel.)  Finally, I also hate rejection. (Then again, doesn't everyone?) And, to that end, I want to do everything with excellence and that includes blogging. What if my blog is considered too this or too that?  Can I cope or will I be up in the middle of the night with anxiety over my blogs?  (Random thought - the word "blog" is even strange and filled with heaviness!)

But here I am writing a blog today. And you are (still) reading it (thank you). What changed? Did some marketing god enlighten me or did I have some great psychological turnaround?  Truth be told, I suppose that I gave myself some grace. I realized that perhaps it is not about the content or the ultimate relaying of knowledge, but the physical process of writing and reading in sincerity. In our impersonal, text-laden, sound-bite driven world, there is a modern, unique opportunity to share and connect what's on our hearts (and our minds) with other people through this platform called blogging. Whether readers agree or disagree with the message, find it helpful or invaluable, or think that the writer is blissfully self-assured, that's really not what is important. What has value in this exercise is that the writer and the reader connect (good, bad, or indifferent) even for a few moments. So, here I am writing this blog sharing my fears and true self with you, the reader.  But, I'm renaming it "SWOG" (sweet words of grace) because that's what I feel I need to hear today and every day.  "Let go of fear and worry - it will be alright." I hope to share some more grace with you in the future.  Thank you for reading (all the way to the end).