Your Luxury Listing Deserves Luxury Staging

Your Luxury Listing Deserves Luxury Staging

In this real estate market, homes of every price point have risen, and sellers have every
reason to believe that now is a good time to put their home on the market.
Buyers are lined up for the next available homes in the MLS, with offers ready often
above list price, many with no-contingencies, no inspections, and even cash offers
with no appraisals. It’s no wonder this unusual real estate environment has
sellers and buyers thinking differently than they might in any other time.
There is some caution to be considered by sellers, however, in losing
perspective upon the value of a home being dressed for the part in this rather
unusual and dynamic real estate market. This is especially true of luxury listings,
where buyers’ expectations are often incredibly high and your uxury listings deserves luxury staging. 

         Regardless of the real estate market’s pulse, home purchases are executed upon the financial
resources and the emotional satisfaction the buyer.
  People cannot buy homes they cannot afford,
and most people do not buy a home they do not like. This is true for homes at
any price point. A home must generally have the capacity to satisfy a buyer’s
needs and wants, in terms of space, features, floor plan, neighborhood, and
price point. It is incumbent upon the seller and the real estate professional
to maximize the best attributes of their property so that buyers may understand
if that home is a good fit for their needs and wants.

       By nature, luxury listings take a little longer to sell. There are fewer buyers in the luxury
price point, so it stands to reason that these homes may not sell as quickly. Buyers
of luxury homes have certain visual expectations; it is important that every
luxury home exceed those expectations to capture and compel a buyer’s emotions
and consideration. When a luxury listing does not play its part or is dressed
toward a lower price point, a luxury buyer may be disappointed and unimpressed.
Both sellers and agents of luxury listings should recognize the importance of
providing the right visual aesthetic to attract the right buyer.

      For an owner-occupied home, a home ReStyle by a Luxury Staging Specialist may be in
order. With staging skill and expertise, a home can be appropriately prepped to
appeal to the luxury buyer by rearranging, editing, and even providing
additional furnishings, if needed.
  With vacant properties, luxury staging with design specified furniture and
accessories can make all the difference. Most assuredly, non-luxury staging in
luxury homes can spell disaster: longer days on market and a waste of resources.
Therefore, consider carefully when selecting a staging professional to help
present a luxury property on the market. Maximize potential in this unique
market with the appropriate look, smartly staged to impact and strategically
appeal to the right buyers, ready to make offers.

Lorelie Brown, M.A., CPRES, CID is the Owner of Showhomes Charleston in Charleston, SC.  RESA-PRO member, an HSRA-Elite Member and part of HSRA Elite Leadership. She is passionate about the power of home staging and has staged over $300 million in real estate.