Make Your Kitchen Floors Beautiful - Home Staging in Boise

Kitchen Flooring In Boise

When home staging in Boise do not forget to concentrate on the kitchen. There are so many stylish choices available that you can’t go wrong with making the flooring in your kitchen a key element in preparing your home to sell. Next to a living room, the kitchen is the heart of any home as that is where the family gathers at least once a day for a meal.

Or it may only get together to prepare a meal. Either way, a lot of family bonding takes place in a kitchen and because of the steady flow of traffic you will want to ensure that the floor can handle it and still remain relatively easy to keep clean. Here are our top five choices for kitchen flooring in your Boise home staging program.


This is the most popular choice for kitchen flooring in Boise for a number of reasons. In addition to being durable enough to last a very long time, hardwood has a dynamic visual effect. If you are looking for natural colors you cannot miss with hardwood as it typically features grain patterns that are detailed and are enhanced by the natural tones that accompany it.


The affordability of an expensive look is what you can expect with laminate. When home staging in Boise you will want to consider the real wood or stone patterns that are available with this kind of flooring. It also means that color choices are many which can be a plus when you add that to the low maintenance, long lasting qualities of laminate.

Vinyl Tile

This is probably the easiest to work with if you plan to install it yourself. Vinyl tile is also one of the most versatile as it comes in many different styles and patterns that allow you to completely customize your kitchen flooring in Boise project. It lasts a long time and resists tears and rips plus, it is as easy to maintain.

Vinyl Sheet

This is sheeting made of vinyl where prints have been applied to the surface creating any kind of texture or look imaginable. This covers a full selection of choices including stone, wood and whatever else can be printed into the material. It is also a durable kitchen flooring choice in Boise, has stain protection and is quick and easy to keep clean.

Luxury Vinyl

A higher end product for home staging in Boise comes from luxury vinyl. Again, the material carries various prints on the surface that can be anything from wood to ceramic to stone and all other possibilities. The difference here is that the product is soft and feels warm and comfortable. However, as it is vinyl it is low maintenance and durable.

Other Considerations For Staging Your Kitchen in Boise

The perfect kitchen flooring still has to match with other elements within your home. This includes the overall theme of the room and the style and color of accessories and features. It should go well with the look and color of the appliances, cabinetry, the countertops and lighting.

The kitchen flooring in Boise choice you make should also fit in with your lifestyle, the amount you use the kitchen and most importantly, cost within your budget. Sometimes it’s best to consult with an expert who can not only give you great advice but help you figure out what works best with your home. For a helping hand with home staging in Boise, contact Showhomes.