Living Room Staging in Boise

With proper staging of the living room you stand a better chance of receiving a strong offer on your home or condo. Here's why: the living room is typically intended for family use. It is designed as a gathering place and a social center of any home. The living room contains all the elements you and your family require for 'living' your specific lifestyle.

The challenge in living room staging is creating an atmosphere that is warm and inviting and leaves the right impression during an open house. In order to achieve this, home staging the living room is crucial. There is a delicate balance that has to be met in order to encourage strong offers on your home. Here are some of our tips for living room staging in Boise:

1 - New Flooring

Working in much the same way in which a new paint job gives the exterior of a home a fresh look, so will new flooring in the living room. When it comes to home staging, potential buyers tend to look favorably to new flooring. It will transform the room making it easier to imagine as the entertaining center of the home or a quiet place to relax.

If new flooring is not within your budget, there are ways to add pizzazz to the current floor coverings. For existing wood a good sanding job can give it a new look. For floors covered in carpet, remove the carpet to reveal the wood underneath. If the floor is covered in a vinyl treatment, give it a powerful cleaning and scrubbing to make it look new.

2 - Get A Little Fresh

Nothing makes a room more inviting than the small things and home staging the living room is no different. As this room will be the one most home buyers will either see first or spend more time in, it is essential to make it inviting. This can be achieved by placing freshly cut flowers on display, possibly even a selection of baked goodies. 

The goal here is to add the scents of home without going overboard. This means, do not spray the room with too much air freshener and refrain from too many scented candles. By keeping it warm and friendly, with the proper combination of "home scents" potential buyers should feel some kind of connection to the property just by stepping into the living room.

3 - Strip Away Your Personality

A living room is a space in a home where a family's personality is revealed. When home staging in Boise that personality has to be removed in order to give potential buyers a neutral site to imagine with their personal touches. This means all of those family treasures need to be taken out of sight to not affect the message the room will send to others.

This means that family photos, mementoes, books, magazines, CDs and DVDs have to be stored away. While these items say a lot about you and your family, it will create a hurdle for some home buyers trying to plan in their minds what their personal effects will look like in the same space. Besides, someone admiring your reading material is no longer admiring your home.

4 - Switch Up the Furniture

With living room staging one of the most important things to keep in mind is how things are to scale. This can mean that if the furniture is too big it may make the room appear small or may even block visual features. Other times there may be too much furniture which would make the living room appear crowded or cramped.

As you are trying to create a relaxed area of the home for family to meet and unwind, less is much more in this case. Even new furniture can do a lot with what the overall living room looks like. You don't even have to spend a lot to reach this goal. All the furniture needs to do is look new, contemporary and appear expensive in order to be successfully staged.

Final Thoughts on Living Room Staging in Boise

The living room should project a welcoming atmosphere for potential buyers and all it takes is a little bit of work to increase the attractiveness of your home. If the staging of the living room is done correctly, it will give off enough personality to be worth a look. It will also leave enough to the imagination, which is what the professionals at Showhomes will help you achieve.