Lawn & Garden Tips for Home Staging in Boise

Lawn & Garden Tips Boise

Home staging in Boise also extends to the exterior of your home. When it comes to an overall visual impact of your property, the way your lawn and garden looks says a lot about you. If you are looking to leave a good first impression, these tips will help you to achieve that goal with just a little extra effort on your part.

Making Your Boise Garden Look Its Best

Brighten up your yard and garden with the use of planting containers. These come in various sizes and colors giving you many options to bring dynamic looks to wherever you choose to use them. Glazed ceramic planting pots are a common choice for this.

You can spread the colorful visual that comes from perennials by splitting them up in the spring. As they increase in size over time, dividing them into several planting locations will pay dividends later once they grow and look fuller.

The best advice for home staging your Boise garden is to keep an eye on the health of your flowers and plants. Disease can come in many forms and is not always the result of a pest infestation. As soon as you see any sign of damage you must take action.

How To Keep Your Boise Lawn Is Great Shape

When you mow your lawn continue to raise the cutting height as weather gets warmer. Moisture will remain trapped in taller grass for longer and weed growth is reduced with a higher cutting height.

Patchy areas should be reseeded to encourage growth. Give the area a vigorous raking to remove debris and loosen the ground. Remember to water the reseeded area more than the rest of the lawn for the first month to encourage germination.

Watering the lawn takes some science in that young plant life only requires light but frequent watering. This promotes budding. Mature plants are capable of soaking up water that is deeper in soil so longer watering helps this.

The Benefits of Proper Lawn and Garden Care

When home staging in Boise the lawn and garden are as important as the rest of the home. A neatly manicured lawn and flower garden not only creates a place you will want to spend time to relax, they also add value to your home.

Home Staging In Boise

For more advice on how to properly stage your lawn or garden prior to listing your property for sale, contact Showhomes. Let our professionals assist you with this important task. Call Showhomes in Boise today for more information.