Focal Points of the Living Room for Home Staging in Boise

Focal Points Of The Living Room 

The main function of a living room has changed in recent years which sometimes makes home staging in Boise a challenge. The room that was once used primarily as a place to welcome and entertain guests has morphed into a multi-purpose space that is often the focal point of an entire home. This has increased the challenge when it comes time to add furniture and accessories to the living room.

When home staging in Boise, and in particular the living room, it is often best to start with a completely empty space. This not only assists in identifying the focal point, it gives you a chance to possibly add more than one in a living room. For example, a bare living room with a large fireplace will naturally see this feature used as a focal point. Add a large flat screen television on another wall and you now have two focal points.

The idea of a focal point is to have something in a space that catches the eye. It doesn't always have to be a large feature, either. When home staging in Boise focal points in a living room can come from a simple set of framed (or unframed) prints on a wall with task lighting. A hand-painted mural that fills a wall from floor to ceiling or a large sofa situated in front of a view window can also serve the same purpose.

When choosing a focal point, ensure that the visual impact of it is enhanced by companion pieces that 'frame' the setting. An example would be a large piece of seating furniture facing a fireplace. The fireplace would be the focal point and smaller furnishings such as loveseats and coffee tables, would be used around the larger sofa. Spacing away from the sofa and providing a pair of entry/exit points (one per side) creates a place for traffic to flow.

Lighting is also a key element in helping establish the focal point of a living room. Yellow is the best color choice and pendant lighting works magic on setting the right mood for the space. As living rooms are now multi-purpose rooms, remember to stay away from cluttering it up with too many furnishings. In this case, the adage of less is more could not be more appropriate in developing a strong focal point in any living room.

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