Different Kitchen Island Styles

Kitchen islands have become a common element in modern homes over the years. When home staging in Boise a kitchen island can be a valuable asset to your kitchen providing function and value to your real estate asset. While these centerpieces are common they serve several purposes ranging from storage and extra counter space to a surface used for food preparation or meal service. There are different styles available and they include the following:

1 - Wheeled Island

This is a design of kitchen island which incorporated wheels. What this does is it makes it very portable and handy in that it can be moved to just about anywhere it needs to be used. The downside to this style is that a sink or any other kind of appliances cannot be installed in it - because it does not have a permanent location in the kitchen. As a space saver it is an excellent choice.

2 - Customized Island

This is a personalized island that makes home staging in Boise much easier in the kitchen. The customization comes from how you intend to use it and what you need to be contained in it for best results. This also means it can be designed to match the existing counter/cupboard style and colors. While this is probably one of the most functional island styles, provided you have designed it properly for your specific needs, it is also the most expensive.

3 - Multi-Purpose Island

This is a design that will be larger in size because it can do so much more for you in the kitchen. Think of it as an "all-in-one" item which gives you counter space, storage, somewhere for an oven, a breakfast counter, drawers for utensils and so much more. The drawback is the size as it will be something that will sit in the center of the kitchen and force all traffic to move around it, but it scores big on functionality.

When Home Staging In Boise, Contact ShowHomes

The kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in your home as it is not only for food preparation but it is also a gathering place. Home staging in Boise puts a lot of emphasis on the value of a great kitchen space and islands enhance this adding value to your property. For additional advice on the right kind of kitchen island that will work best in your home, contact the professionals at ShowHomes in Boise today.