6 Tips for Home Staging in Boise

Home Staging in Boise – Outdoor Touches

 Making your home stand out when it is on the market is what Showhomes does. For home staging in Boise there are many possibilities that can create the perfect look – the look that catches the eye of the right buyer for your property. You can spend a lot of time sprucing up the interior of your home, the actual living space, but what about putting some extra attention on the exterior?

 Home buyers are typically first attracted to a home by what they see when they pull up to the front yard. The term used in the real estate market is ‘curb appeal’ and that simply describes the level of attractiveness your home has from the street. While it may sound like a huge project to bring your home up to a standard that causes passers-by to give it a second look, there are affordable ways to dress up the outside.

 Outdoor Home Staging in Boise – Three Top Tips

Depending on the size of your home and property in Boise, there are many different treatments that can be applied to increase the ‘wow’ factor as viewed from the street. Here are three of the most cost effective choices:

1 – Keep It Green and Clean

 If you are already taking good care of your lawn, this will be an easy one to maintain. If your lawn is trimmed and tidy, minus brown spots, it sends a signal that is has been well taken care of. It should also say that it is not a high maintenance lawn. Added features that give the lawn additional points include boulders, rocks, ornamental grasses and plants that are particularly drought tolerant. These all add to the perception that this yard is easy to maintain without a lot of cost.

 2 – Nighttime Illumination

 Home staging in Boise should include some lighting, but not too much. Being able to show what your home looks like at night with lights strategically located on paths, entrances, in tree branches and highlighting special features is good for many reasons. It gives the home a dramatic personality and also provides a sense of security with little in the way of dark corners visible. Lighting should not be comparable to Christmas decorating as it should be subtle and not overdone.

 3 – The Rush of Water

 There is no denying that the gentle sound of water is not only relaxing but it has a soothing effect on all of us. A water feature in the backyard such as a small fountain will add special appeal to your home and property that can only be matched by having a creek running through it. Few home buyers these days, unless they are already at retirement age, will not admit to having busy, hectic lives and the white noise, street sound blocking beauty of a water accent will earn much praise and attention.

 Additional Outdoor Home Staging Features

 In addition to the three top home staging in Boise tips listed here, there are other ways to increase the curb appeal of your home and property that may take a little more work and planning. The benefits they provide, such as an increase in the value of your listing, far outweigh the effort. They include:

 4 – Seasonal Color

 In addition to keeping a neat and tidy lawn, paying attention to seasonal colors can add a great deal of interest to the way your home looks within your neighborhood. Springtime colors will be far different than those in fall but each present many opportunities to create brilliant displays that can brighten up the look of your home.

 5 – Keeping It To Scale

 Still on the subject of lawns, colors and the plant life in and around your yard, it is very important to pay as much attention to scale as you do with color and species selection. The key is to keep in mind that trees, shrubbery and other plants and flowers are meant to be accents. The larger elements can be used to frame a feature in your yard but not take away the focus of that feature. Plus, too many trees create shade and some home buyers will view that as a lot of work come fall with leaves blanketing the ground.

 6 – The Extra Touches 

Never dismiss the value of tweaking up the selection of extras in your yard and property. This can include a funky old mailbox, bed frames converted into a gate, a low-level fence, decorative add-ons that don’t distract from the overall look of your home but give it a touch of character. These additions can be used throughout but should not outnumber anything else already in your yard.

 Turn to Showhomes For Assistance

 As you can see, home staging in Boise takes some planning and an eye for detail and color. This is not a task for the average do-it-yourselfer, especially if you are preparing your home for the real estate market. For best results it helps to consult a professional home staging company. Contact Showhomes today to discuss options that can give your property the value you desire when it is time to sell.