5 Pool & Spa Ideas - Home Staging in Boise

Pool And Spa Ideas In Boise

Home staging in Boise with pool and spa ideas can make your house a welcome retreat following a long day in the office. There is nothing more relaxing after a hard day of work than dipping into a pool or spa to wash away stress. Here are some of our favorite ideas to get you inspired when creating that place to escape within your home.

1 – The Transitional Setting

For a pool located in a large yard lighting will be a required element. One creative way to incorporate this and still give the pool some character is to have lighting fixtures that are sunken into the concrete pad that surrounds the pool. Add a neutral color stain to the concrete pad, place decorative boulders or shrubs in curves cut out of the concrete pad and you have created a transitional setting from yard to pool and vice versa.

2 – The Privacy Wall

With a hot tub sitting in a small space, home staging in Boise would call for screening or some kind of privacy wall to try to ‘hide’ nearby neighbors. In small yards and high density neighborhoods your best bet is to create the space that is personalized and private. Using a wide deck around the spa can create bench seating reducing space and having a concrete pad extending from the home brings everything in closer making an intimate getaway on the other side of your neighbor’s fence.

3 – The Pool/Spa Combo

If your property allows the space required for both a pool and spa, consider putting them in completely different spaces. A stone wall can be the back border to a pool with a fountain at each to create vertical visuals and stone pavers can connect the spa to the pool as well as provide a unique deck around both. Low elevation shrubs and plants can be used to wrap around the pavers to add a smooth transition from yard to pool, spa or entrance to the home.

4 – A Pool With A View

When home staging in Boise and your property happens to have a view, here is where you can make dramatic use of your surroundings with a pool or spa. The view can become the backdrop to your pool as you use pavers on the three sides that do not face the backdrop. Place benches, plants and all other accents in such a manner that the view is what everyone will see regardless of where they sit or stand. A short-metal railing can be used as the pool’s back border which can then be hidden by climbing and clinging plants to keep the view clean and natural.

5 – Hole In The Deck

Sinking a spa into the center of a wooden deck makes great use of limited space. When home staging in Boise a deck with a spa in it brings a great deal of character into the picture. With the top of the spa level with the deck you can just step inside. Wrapping the spa with non-slip indoor/outdoor carpeting makes it safe. The deck railing also becomes a privacy screen and deck seating becomes a place to visit around the spa or to dry off on a sunny day.

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