5 Color Themes to Try Out for the Bedroom - Home Updating in Boise

Trends come and go but when it comes to bedroom colors in Boise you can always count on one thing – there is not going to be anything dull or boring. Bedrooms are not just for sleeping as many have evolved into spaces used for relaxing after a long day. That is why many larger bedrooms feature a television, task lighting for reading or even a corner for a computer or crafts. It is because of these trends that color continues to make an impact.

Here are our favorite new home updating in Boise bedroom colors:

Neutral and Grey

There is still a lot of style that comes from a neutral foundation bedroom color in Boise. This includes creams, whites, metallics, taupes and grays. With the foundation color acting as a frame, you can add almost any other color to create a bold but consistent statement. Grey is the multipurpose neutral as it will go with any other color so it can assist in creating a dynamic mood to your bedroom.

Pastels and Peace

Pastels lend an air of peace and calmness to any room. If you intend to have your Boise bedroom primarily as a relaxing place to unwind and chill, then your best bet is to rely on a number of subdued pastel colors. Some great options include dusty blue, seafoam green and lavender. Pastels are nothing more than ‘lightened’ versions of colors but those, along with muted hues which contain a grey pigment, produce peaceful and quiet environments.

Bright and Bold

On the completely other end of the spectrum is bright colors including orange and yellow. They prove to be very effective if you want to jump out of bed first thing in the morning and feel excitement running through your veins. That extra kick start you can get from bright and bold colors cannot be ignored as they will send you on your way with a blast of energy that does not come from soft and subdued colors.

Deep and Dark

Another polar opposite to bright and bold is the deep and dark richness that comes from shades that are anything but pastel. The great thing about using dark shades on a wall is that is does the opposite of what you may think. If you think a dark bedroom will appear small, think again. Dark colors will actually recede which creates the illusion that the walls are further away than they are. Provide a bright contrast to that such as a white trim and watch the room explode.

Layers and Texture

One more trend for bedroom colors in Boise comes from the classy appeal and visual that comes from layering colors on a foundation of whites, grays, gold and ivory. The texture look brings a touch of elegance along with glamour to the room treated with this method.

Home Updating In Boise Bedroom Colors

When you are faced with deciding which direction to go with the new look to your bedroom, give us a call for some advice. Showhomes in Boise can give you assistance using our years of experience and professional knowledge so that the bedroom you want is only a phone call away.