4 Ways to Makeover Your Bathroom in Boise

Bathroom Updating in Boise

 When it comes to bathroom makeovers in Boise you will want to be well prepared. This means having a clear concept of what changes you intend to make and that you will have all the necessary materials. Depending on the scale of your bathroom renovation project, there will be some fixtures and extras you will need to order in advance so that you will have everything together when you start your bathroom staging in Boise.

The Top Four Best Bathroom Makeover Tips

You can spend a lot on updating your bathroom but you don’t have to. Whether you are fixing it up to increase the market value prior to listing your home or just making it better for yourself, there are a few inexpensive ways to change the look of your bathroom. They include:

1 – Get A Little Curvy

If the shower in your bathroom is part of the tub you will already know that size is limited. One amazing little trick that will increase the size of the shower stall without ripping out walls and rebuilding is also one of the cheapest bathroom updates you can make to your home in Boise. A curved shower rod is the magic tool that will take care of this. Sure, it will cost maybe four times as much as a straight shower rod but it will still total under $30 and it will create more space in the shower instantly.

2 – Work On Your Accent

This is an interesting twist on the visual look of your shower. All you need is a handful of tiles and use them to either border or create an unusual pattern in the tile around the shower. When bathroom updating this is not only an inexpensive renovation, it results in a huge impact on the look of the shower stall. Contrasting colors, patterns or textures are all you need along with a touch of creativity to make this work.

3 – Shine A Little Brighter

Take a look at your current light fixtures and you may want to change them when bathroom staging in Boise. With an endless selection of different types of task lighting, accent lighting and everything in-between, a trip to the hardware store lighting department can become a great adventure. Never be afraid to go off the chart on lighting because it will do everything from set the mood to keep you from cutting yourself shaving without a huge expense. Updating the lighting is one of the smarter things to do with any room renovation with bathrooms ranking near the top as showing more value with a change.

4 – Wear Another Coat

This is by far the simplest and most practical of the bathroom updating in Boise tips you will find. It is all about a new paint job. It is amazing what a difference a new color, pattern or texture wall treatment can do to the look and feel of a bathroom. This is another element where stepping way out there can bring incredible results. Be sure to use contrasting trim or a color that makes the vanity jump out of the countertop because when a bathroom gets a makeover, it should be turned into a feature room in the home.

One More Tip – Just In Case

Sometimes a great idea for bathroom staging looks better on paper and doesn’t seem quite as easy to do when the materials are gathered. Maybe you discovered that while you are quite capable of many do-it-yourself jobs, a bathroom renovation just isn’t within your comfort zone. That’s okay because it is never a bad idea to rely on an expert for the job. In Boise the experts who can give your bathroom the makeover it deserves are at Showhomes. Let the Showhomes crew turn your bathroom into something special!