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    Leaving a house unoccupied for staging may mean you won't notice when the pipe breaks in the winter or animals start infesting it. You can't control vandals without a watchful eye within the property. That can make you lose a top dollar on the property's sale. Showhomes however offers you a Home Staging Manager to keep your vacant house in Boise in pristine, magazine-worthy showing condition. Our home staging managers create the desire to live in your property by ensuring that potential buyers who tour it see the property as a home rather than an empty house.

    What is a Home Manager?

    A Showhomes Home Manager is a person or family with elegant home furnishings who lives in a vacant home for sale. The home staging manager keeps the home clean and lets realtors show it featuring the beautiful furniture, artwork and accessories. In exchange, the Home Managers get dramatically reduced monthly fees, far below the market rate.

    Showhomes home staging manager services in Boise provides you with a live-in professional caretaker who cares for your home keeping it in show-to-sell condition. We give you the peace of mind that your home is not just safe but ready to reap the top dollar.

    Who is a Home Manager?

    Home Managers are professionals who generally need temporary housing because they are:
    - Relocating
    - Building a New Home
    - Going Through Family Changes Such As Divorce
    - Individuals or Families Looking To Reduce Expenses
    - Individuals or Families Looking to Maintain Their Current Levels of Living or Lifestyle
    - Looking To Get Familiar With An Area Before Purchasing
    - Looking For Flexibility As There Are No Long Term Lease Requirements

    What does all this mean to you?

    Great home staging in Boise at just a fraction of the traditional staging costs. These charges are paid at closing - a reduction in your overall carrying costs. Your home gets unlimited care from the inside and out, y

    Seasoned realtors recognize home staging as the cog that provides the sale momentum for any home. A beautifully staged home will often sell faster than a house that's not as equally well staged. That's why at
    Showhomes we are keen to provide customized home staging solutions tailored to each home in Boise. Our home staging options include design and decorating by the best of Boise staging professionals, including whole house staging as well as partial home staging.

    As America's leader in home staging, Showhomes provides a full range of professional home staging services in Boise. Home staging in Boise is the most effective way to sell properties in your local real estate market, and we have a proven method to stage and market your home for sale.

    With over 25 years of experience and a coast to coast network, the Showhomes network has helped sell over 25,000 homes with a valuation of more than $8 billion. We're proud to have partnered with many local and national real estate brands such as Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Prudential, Re/Max, Century 21 and more.

    Why stage your home?

    Competition is the primary reason why you need to stage your home for effective sale. Nine out of ten buyers today preview and find their homes online. Unless you utilize a method that puts your property above the fold, it may be hard for buyers to find you. How you carry out your presentation will make all the difference.

    Whether or not to stage your home for sale is no longer an option; home staging is now a must in today's real estate market. Buyers have lots of choices when it comes to buying a residential or commercial property. To be successful, therefore, you must aim to make your home staging the most beautiful among your range of competitors.

    Showhomes can help you achieve that competitive advantage with our complete range of tailored home staging services in Boise. Statistics show that well-staged homes sell faster, b

    Why get a home makeover in Boise? Well, an impeccable look will inherently give your property a competitive advantage over its competitors. Most buyers are naturally drawn to visually appealing homes when making their property buying decisions.

    What this means to you

    A little makeover of your home before staging it for sale will make it sell faster compared to other homes within the same range. If you are selling your home in Boise and need help making it look perfect for showings, Showhomes can help. With our full range of home makeovers in Boise, we create that "model home" out of your property that you'll be proud to present to your potential buyers at top dollar.

    Showhomes home makeovers in Boise help create the look that captures premium buyers and sells faster and at higher prices. If you're looking for some design ideas for your current home or have a home for sale that needs some makeover magic, we can help. Staging your home by a professional stager is the most cost effective way to refresh your home. Our home makeovers cut across furniture placement, decorating trends, color choices, home improvement and more.

    We have a popular track record across the US for our success in staging vacant homes; we also help sellers in Boise with owner-occupied homes. Whether it's a new home or property that's up for sale in the market, we can provide the much-needed makeover to help drive desire among buyers to own the property. 

    We can re-design and re-purpose your existing furniture and decor for an occupied home, and using your furnishings, we can create a "model home" look that buyers will irresistibly respond to. Home makeovers enhance the presentation of your home and make it more appealing and more competitive in the marketplace. Such a remodeled property captures a faster sale at a premium price.

    We are also delighted to help you create a dream look with your new home too! If you are craving a particula

    Most buyers in Boise are looking for homes that are ready for occupancy and not ones that still require them to make a few upgrades before they can settle in. Yet no property owner wants to spend cash on the home they are preparing to sell.

    Conversely, making your home move-in-ready through a few changes can provide the greatest return on investment when selling the home. Showhomes can help you out with that part. Our home updating services in Boise are exclusively designed to make homes appealing to the broadest base of buyers. In effect, Showhomes home updating helps increase the value of your property through these important changes that go beyond basic de-cluttering and cleaning.


    Buyers find fresh paint and flooring truly appealing. With a Showhomes update, we can provide the right changes with our Exclusive Color Palettes comprised of on-trend neutrals that will not distract attention from the outstanding features of your home. We are in touch with the latest industry realities and know precisely what will create mass appeal.

    Your favorite shade of purple or gold may be a serious turnoff to a potential buyer. So the input of your Showhomes home updating professional will be a highly valuable service when considering consumer appeal. We help you select the perfect palette for the look and feel that will place your Boise home above the competition of similar homes in town.  

    Replacement for old carpet

    A time-worn carpet will not only mask the beauty of your immaculate floors, but will also mask your only chance to reap an extra dollar from your property sale. Dated or worn carpeting is the number one turn-off for home buyers. It may even cause a potential buyer to check the property off their list of potential homes altogether.

    Fresh and new carpeting, on the other hand, can be the key to a quicker home sale, as it experiences a general trend of a 3 to 1 return on investment. A





Luxury living is no longer for the rich and famous.

Live Large. Spend Small. Be a Showhomes Executive Home Manager. Our Signature Service.

As a Showhomes Executive Home Manager you enjoy the good life for less, living in and maintaining a luxury home in show-to-sell condition. Your style and fine furniture add value to an upscale home on the market while you save a bundle-up to half of what it would normally cost to live in the house-with no long term lease obligation.





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We would be delighted to put our real estate savvy and the Showhomes proven business model to work for you. Whether you are a homeowner, realtor, developer or prospective home manager, we have the services and resources you need. The Showhomes team includes experts in marketing luxury properties, staging homes for maximum impact, placing and training home managers and helping homeowners get the most value.

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