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When a house is vacant, buyers make lowball offers, hoping to take advantage of an owner they think is desperate to sell. Furnished, decorated homes strike an emotional chord, and buyers make premium offers.

Allen Baron
Scottsdale, AZ

We had a listing that sat and sat. Once we got a home manager in there, it sold in three weeks-at a premium price.

Allen May
Realtor, North Shore
Chicago, IL

Within a week after the home manager moved in, we had three offers on an $835,000 home that had previously been shown more than 250 times.

Tom Richards
Scottsdale, AZ

Our showings have doubled since Showhomes took over our vacant listings.

John Daniels
ReMax Top Producer
Mobile, AL

Vacant homes convey a sterile feeling that gives potential buyers the impression the house needs work.

Fran Holdren
Naperville, IL

The feedback I got on this house from other Realtors-before and after Showhomes -was like night and day. After Showhomes transformed the home, no one could believe it had been on the market for three years. It sold quickly for 96% of list price, in a cash deal.

Lisa Jackson
Prudential Realtor
Wheaton, IL