Selling a vacant house can be very expensive

This $499,000 listing sat on the market for over 2 years. According to the survey of Realtors, if it sold as a vacant house, the sale price would have been between 10% and 20% lower, or about $424,000.

The owner and Realtor engaged Showhomes and transformed the vacant house into a fully staged and managed Showhome. The home showed perfectly and the owner accepted an offer of $474,200 in just 5 months.

Final sale price:
Estimated price vacant:


Value added to price by Showhomes:
Additional 6% commission for Realtor:

$ 3,120

Potential client savings:

Mortgage interest while vacant 24 months:


Taxes, utilities and upkeep for 24 months:


Total value added for the Home Owner:


The Realtor enhanced his reputation for selling a "stagnant" listing at a premium price and helped raise property values in the neighborhood.

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