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Selling a home is all about presentation

Faster sale, higher price

Statistics show that Showhomes staged with Home Managers sell faster and for higher prices than comparable vacant homes.
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More showings

Showhomes assists in the marketing of your home and we work to create vital 'buzz' about your home once it is staged.
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Buyers spend more time in your home

Staging to sell is a science and we take great care to make every room comfortable so buyers want to sit down and stay. The more time they spend, the more likely they will buy.
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Less stress

Less chance of vandalism, theft or costly repairs because Showhomes watches over your home while it is for sale.
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Cost savings

Homeowners realize signifigant savings on holding costs when using Showhomes. Unlike most staging companies, we pay for some or all of services that you would normally pay for including utilities, home cleaning and snow removal. These savings, in addition to the savings you may realize on your homeowner's insurance, often add up to more than we charge for our service, making using Showhomes a no-brainer!
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Showhomes carries substantial liability and property damage insurance. Insuring a vacant home is very expensive, if you can obtain coverage. Many home owners use Showhomes because they realize significant cost savings on their insurance bills once Showhomes is engaged.


Easy to close

Once you accept an offer and set a closing date, Showhomes relocates its Home Manager to another home for sale and returns your home to you in great condition. Your closing goes off without a hitch and the new buyers receive a clean, fresh home.
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The only national home staging company


Showhomes is America's largest home staging company and our customers have the backing of a large national company behind them. In business for three decades, Showhomes is the national expert in producing results for home owners.


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